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ANB believes that our products using high quality materials and ingredients should never be collected base on sacrificing environment.

Quality & Research

ANB commits to a strong research and scientific team to provide solid evidence to our quality product and new health solutions.


Our 24/7 operating production line has streamlined processing and quality assurance system along with enhanced logistics and supply chain management.

Sales Team

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Your Natural Choice

Our products are made by certified Australian GMP manufactory and advanced technology, most of the products will be monitored by TGA, the rest of non-TGA products are 100% Made or products of Australia.

Our Business

  • Apiary

    The main business focus of ANB includes beekeeping and production of honey with unique properties. Based on the functionalities, ANB’s honey can be categories as eucalyptus honey, wildflower honey and health care honey.
  • Health Product

    Ever Nature Health Product focuses on wholesale and retail for health products and Honeys, which are purely Australian made and owned.Ever Nature is a trusted Australian manufacturer and distributor of fish oil, bee products, vitamins and honey. All the products are certificated by TGA, and manufactured based on strict GMP requirement.
  • Ever Nature Farm

    Ever Nature Farm is located in the North of Perth, which covering more than 650 hectares. It opened up to public on June 2016. Many local farmers and Ever Nature cooperators were coming to the farm to witness this moment. The representative of WA Farmer also gave the Ever Nature Farm a big support.


  • What we are doing are improving bee health and honey quality (low bacteria count, high nutrient levels and product differentiation). We will still in improving bee health, producing high quality honey.  We also want to increase honey production base by working with urban beekeepers and some indigenous groups.
    Dr. Tan, Scientist