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About ANB

Australian Natural Biotechnology Pty. Ltd (ANB) is one of the earliest Australian enterprises focus on biomedical, health foods, natural nutritional supplements, and cosmetic products research, development, production, and trade. Other than producing a range of quality products, ANB also continued to support the community and environment. ANB is the most trusted name in bio-natural health.

At ANB we are committed to delivering most natural healthcare products with the highest quality standards to meet diverse expectations from our customers.

ANB was founded more than 20 years ago by our pioneer Ben, incorporating 100 years accumulated knowledge from 2 generations in bee keeping. This heritage has the strong influence for us to approach our goal, which is to use the most natural resources blended with latest bio-technology to provide the best quality natural product to our customers.

ANB has stayed committed to research and innovation, use developed technology to minimize nutrient lose during production with minimum impact on the environment, also supporting the community from different aspects.

ANB has more than 120 ranges of vitamins, minerals, honey, health foods, skin care products and nutritional supplements developed by our scientists using the highest quality ingredients from our farm or most natural resources and ingredients. Our products have exceeded the standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

We offer free Naturopathic Advisory Service in store or online to help the customers to select the most suitable product, which has received exceptional feedback. We also hold environment and social responsibilities in great account, we are supporting Australia Charities, collaborate with Department of Agriculture and indigenous tribe for the bee keeping program.