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Karibee commitment

Karibee Honey is the trading name of a beekeeping business operating in Western Australia. Since its inception in 1960 it has operated as a family business, but it is currently in the process of transition to a private company structure. The business operates from a base located on approximately 500acres of virgin Banksia woodland surrounded by the Moore River National Park, 150km north of Perth, in the Central West region of Western Australia

Over the years it has increased its range of business activities from production of honey for bulk supply to the packing sector, to include domestic market supply of packaged varietal honeys under the Karibee Honey brand label, production of bee pollen sold as both bulk product and retail packaged product, production and export sale of packaged bees and queen bees, as well as the production of cut comb honey for local and export supply. In the past, rental hives for pollination of orchard crops including almonds, avocados, cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, apples and pears were also supplied, but due to the increasing use of agrichemicals by the horticultural industry, that activity is no longer undertaken. Instead, supply of bees and advice to a government trial of Apis mellifera beehives to improve pollination of Oil Palms in Sabah, Malaysia has been undertaken more recently. As part of the queen rearing activity, instrumental insemination is employed in an in-house breeding programme to select for, and produce Hygienic strains of bees with enhanced disease resistance.