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ANB history

Ben, same as the founder of “Karibee” Dr. Peter Detchon, also came from an old and well-known beekeeping family. His interest and many years of working experience in Western Australia beekeeping industry have made him an expert beekeeper. Ben found out that the profit margin in bee keeping industry has been reduced from time to time due to less regulated market, and many commercial beekeepers have decided to leave the industry. In addition the slow growing industry also suffers heavily from lack of interest in younger generations to carry on the beekeeping business.

Ben is very concerned about the future of commercial beekeeping industry in Western Australia. Therefore, he has started accumulating beekeeping information and technology some 20 years ago and developed his own beekeeping plan and model. After many years of experimenting and practicing, Ben and his team have gained useful experience and developed innovative technologies in bee breeding and beekeeping in WA.  Some of the technologies are expected to be patented for honey and related products in the near future. He has built up a complete chain of bee breeding, bee farm management, honey harvesting, transporting, processing, packaging and marketing.

Ben believes beekeeping is one of the most sweetness careers in the world and human being will not survive without bees. Ben and his team have decided to fulfill the dream by establishing the “Sweet Kingdom”.