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John Victor Kennedy

Married Helen Kennedy. Five children, eight grand children

EDUCATION: Matriculation 1958

Bachelor of Science (Honours) 1964 University of Queensland (UQ) Major in Microbiology, Minor in Biochemistry

Masters in Business Administration 1985 University of Western Australia (UWA)

EMPLOYMENT: Tutor, Senior Tutor UQ 1962-1969

Medical Microbiologist, Commonwealth Department of Health Pathology Laboratories, 1969-1979 Toowoomba (Queensland) and Bendigo (Victoria)

Chief Laboratory Technologist and Administration Manager Department of Microbiology, 1979-2002 UWA

Research Officer: Economic Regulator Authority 2004-2006

Research Officer: Department of Planing , Government of Western Australia

HOBBIES: Bee Keeping,, Reading, Painting