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Regulations for Exporting to China

Testing Parameters

Analyte Parameters
1 Glucose Greater than 60g per 100g
2 Frutose Greater than 60g per 100g
3 Sucrose Less than 5g per 100g
4 Zinc Less than 25mg per kg
5 Lead Less than 1.0mg per kg
6 Total bacteria Count Less than 1000 CFU per g
7 Coliforms Less than 0.3 MPN per g
8 Yeast and Mould Count Less than 200 CFU per g
9 Osmophilic Yeast Less than 200 CFU per g
10 Salmonella 0 per 25g
11 Shigella 0 per 25g
12 Staphylococcus Aureus 0 per 25g

Documents needed:

1. Health Certificate / Sanitary Certificate / Certificate of Free Sale
2. Certificate of Origin
3. If wood pallet is used, has to be IPPC certified
4. Sales contract (Information of seller and buyer, contract number, date, name of goods, specifications, quantity, price, currency type, pallet marking, insurance, terms of payment, payment method, country of origin, company stamp of seller and buyer)
5. Invoice (Information of seller, invoice number, contract number, date, name of goods, quantity, currency type, price per unit, total price, country of origin)
6. Packing List (Information of seller and buyer, packing list number, contract number, date, pallet marking, name of goods, specification of goods, dimension of carton/shipper, number of pallets, carton, total dimension, gross weight, nett weight)